Monthly Membership Meetings:


WHERE: St. John De La Salle Church Hall of Heroes     (lower level), 10205 S. King Drive, Chgo, IL 60628


WHEN: Every 3rd Tuesday of the month.


TIME: 6:30 P.M.


Refreshments are served along with insightful information regarding the community.


RCA has partnerships with 5th District Police Department, Metropolitan Family Services,  Developing Communities Project (DCP), Greater Roseland Chamber of Commerce, Roseland-Pullman-Kensington (RPK) Human Relations Council, Roseland Heights Community Association, Neighborhood Housing Services of Roseland (NHS), Roseland Community Hospital, Roseland Business Development Council, Pullman Community Development Corporation, Street Improvement Association (SIA Subsidiary of the Special Service Area - SSA), Walgreens (103rd Michigan), Walgreens (95th King Drive), Chicago State University, local Legislators along with surrounding schools, businesses and churches in order to provide you with the latest important information about our community.


Click  here to find out when each RCA meeting is held.






(773) 264-0783 office

(773) 264-7958 fax







General Information


We are a non-profit organization that, with the help of our members and the residents of the community, are trying to bring people together in the Rosemoor Community. 


 Our goals are:


* A community free of drugs, gangs and other criminal behavior and activities.


* Quality and safe schools for our children.


* A clean and beautiful community.


* A friendly community where neighbors know and care for each other.


Browse this website to find out more about our mission and upcoming events. We are hoping to make our neighborhood a better place step by step.